“Before being treated with the ebalance, the pain was in my foot was so intense that I felt as if I was walking around with a broken toe. After three weeks of regular treatments, I no longer take medications, and the pain went from an 8/10 to a 2/10 and is still improving!”

Dave G., March 2017 – Gout

“I have suffered migraine episodes for over 10 years with the last 4 years being near unbearable in both frequency and severity. Doctors and chiropractors and my own realizations have pinned the migraine origins on muscle tension and imbalance, spine compression, and organs such as liver and heart being mistreated. I have used microcurrent therapy for nearly 6 weeks and have experienced a decline in my headaches and chronic back pain. I have consciously observed that using microcurrent therapy in conjunction with other lifestyle changes has allowed me the energy to find ways to reclaim what I had lost to my pain.”

Spencer B., January 2017 – Chronic Migraines and Pain

Within a few days of starting treatment with the ebalance, open wounds were healing excpetionally fast after being open for months. This correlates to the decrease in edema in his legs. Now, after 5 months of ebalance treatments, he uses a walker to get around where as before he was confined to a wheelchair.

Alfonso C., January 2017 – Diabetes, Open Wounds, Edema

The first two months of treatments significantly reduced the swelling and restored the color of her lower legs after three years of having black and blue feet and ankles and no feeling in her feet as a result of diabetes. Now, five months into treatment, her legs are almost completely back to normal colour. She no longer needs a cane to walk and has very little pain.

Nelieta G., January 2017 – Diabetes, Hypertension, Diabetic Neuropathy.

“Without exception, I would check my blood sugar before and after the ebalance treatments. Each time there was a significant drop. Also my HbA1c was starting to improve. After two weeks of receiving treatment on my feet and shins, I had a feeling of wellbeing and the pins and needles in my feet had almost ceased completely. After a few treatments to my chest and arms my chest pains and aches in my forearms and fingers stopped completely. I had more energy and a greater sense of wellbeing.”

“My wife has severe depression. Within a few treatments on the ebalance she was able to cut her anti-depressants down by one third. She continues to receive wellness treatments and has never felt better.”

Shawn G., December 2016 – Diabetes, Diabetic Neuropathy, Depression

“I used to wake up every couple of hours throughout the night and feel very tired during the day and often needing naps to keep me going. Since my ebalance treatments I’m now sleeping right through the night, I’m more alert and have way more energy during the day!”

Chris C., August 2016 – Sleep Apnea

“If I run my finger over the arch of my foot I can actually feel some sensation! I have not had feeling in this area for more than 15 years. The sensitivity in my feet and legs has improved greatly. I feel, overall, as good as I did back in the year 2000.”

Bill J., June 2016 – Diabetic Neuropathy

“I cannot remember the last time I was in the 8 range! I used to have numbness in my hands and feet but after a few treatments feeling began to return. I also had tingling pain in my legs and sensitivity to cold which would prevent me from going for walks in cold weather. Now, after a few months of ebalance treatments, there no longer exists that tingling pain and I was able to go for numerous long walks this winter.” She further stated that “as a nurse I’m grateful that I can now work full shifts five to six times a week whereas before, I struggled to complete three or four. My overall pain is gone and I no longer worry about inadvertently injuring my hands or feet due to numbness from neuropathy!”

Jane C., May 2016 – Type I Diabetes

“I just wanted to inform you that since the 8-9 treatments over the past few months that I have received from you in Vancouver, I feel much better than I have since my car accident in 2009. I am more alert now then I have been for 7 years because of the pain reduction and I have reduced my pain medication from 3 pills a day down to 1.”

Richelle L, May 2016 – Chronic Pain