Future Growth

The landscape of microcurrent therapy is changing. This is the future…

The concept of using microcurrents to treat the complications that arise from diabetes is truly a novel concept. In the past, microcurrents were used almost solely with the purpose of helping to relieve pain. Through advancements in microcurrent technology, Cell MedX has developed the ebalance Pro, specifically designed to assist diabetics in controlling blood glucose fluctuations and maintaining steady blood glucose levels.3

With the ebalance technology, Cell MedX is attempting to move the treatment of diabetes away from purely pharmaceutical solutions. combined solution that treats the human body as a complex bioelectrical system and thus promote self-healing. Diabetics now have the opportunity to help repair their bodies at the cellular level rather than merely mask their complications with potentially damaging pharmaceutical drugs.

Observational trials are underway and a monthly update on all patients can be seen here.

Cell MedX is now shipping ebalance Pro devices to healthcare practitioners around the world to allow physicians to get a first hand look at the potential benefits of treating their patients with microcurrents. Cell MedX is also in clinical trials in an effort to seek medical approval from government bodies in Canada and the US.

To compliment the Pro model, Cell MedX is in the process of developing the ebalance Personal device that will allow patients to bring the powerful ebalance technology into their homes. The Personal model is presently in the research stage and will be available to the public in early 2017.