Electromedical Technologies

  What is Electro-medicine?

  • Electro-medicine is a field of study by scientists, researchers and doctors around the world that involves the use of low level electrical currents to help relieve pain and other symptoms of body pathologies.
  • Our bodies are electrochemical organisms.
  • Up until recently, we have chosen to treat the chemical aspect with drugs.
  • What if you could treat the body by improving its electrical function?

An explosive growth in electrical technologies has become a modern approach to 21st century health care.

As we begin this new millennium, we rely on various forms of technology to diagnose our patients through an ever increasing list of new diseases. New therapeutic technologies for a variety of disorders also offer a remarkable and unprecedented track record both in safety and efficacy.

A fresh look at physiology is needed to better understand and intervene in the primary medical complaint of pain.

  1. Many universities are still teaching that life is based on a chemical model.
  2. Given the explosive growth in electrical technologies and our ever increasing understanding of physics, it is more realistic in the 21st century to view biological processes on an electrochemical basis rather than on a chemical basis alone.
  3. Energy disturbances in the body precede the manifestation of abnormal patterns of cellular organization and growth. Everything in the universe including our physical body is composed of matter, which vibrates and has a frequency. When the flow of energy to a particular organ is deficient or unbalanced, patterns of cellular disruption occur.
  4. Pain is a result of abnormal frequencies. External sources like low level electrical current can connect the frequencies to their normal cellular level and help the body to heal itself.


The application of electromagnetic forces to human tissues to effect change has been around since the 19th century. A good deal of that was wishful thinking or deliberate deception. But what has survived, and is now seeing resurgence in legitimate, peer-reviewed biologic research, is the concept of molecular bioelectricity and its role in cell-to-cell signaling. Ion flows and trans-membrane gradients produced by ion channels and pumps are key regulators of cell proliferation, migration, and differentiation. Now, instructive roles for bioelectrical gradients in embryogenesis, regeneration, and neoplasm are being revealed. There is speculation of “cracking the bioelectric code” with the same excitement that portended the cracking of the genetic code.

Also helpful in the discovery pathway is the fact that diabetics have been benefiting from micro-current delivery devices since 1987. Treatment of diabetic neuropathy using programmed delivery of electrical currents is well known, as is the use of microcurrents for non-healing wounds.  The e-balance Technology is different. Based on first-in-human observations carefully documented by the discoverers of this technology, a specific device with a specific set of bioelectric signals of known waveform, frequency, amplitude, pulse, and duration, accompanied by sensing circuits that respond to fluctuations in the body’s response, in a closed feedback loop, effect global improvements in Type 1 diabetes.

Why should we look at electrical medicine as a new frontier with respect to the management of chronic illness?

  1. Reach – Energy Medicine (“EM”) can address biological processes at their energetic foundations so it’s able to impact the full spectrum of physical condition. EM optimizes the energies that surround, permeate and support body structure (e.g. cells, organs, blood, & lymph) and body function (e.g. immunity, respiration, cardiovascular). EM methods also influence gene expression.
  2. Efficiency – EM regulates biological processes with precision, speed and flexibility. EM techniques address systemic as well as specific disease factors and signals that are hundreds of times faster than chemical signals and provide instant feedback to the practitioner so interventions can be adjusted for intended outcomes.
  3. Practicality – EM fosters healing and prevents illness with methods that can readily, economically and noninvasively be applied. EM does not result in unintended side effects.
  4. Patient empowerment – EM uses methods that can be used at home, fostering a stronger patient and practitioner partnership. EM procedures can be self-managed, implementing corrective action and building resilient energy patterns throughout the body.

Conventional medical treatments do not take advantage of the potent ways that energy can transmit information in biological systems. Healthy and unhealthy tissues have distinct electromagnetic properties that can be detected in scanned images. Lipton observes that “diseased tissue emits its own unique energy signature emitted by surrounding healthy cells”. He goes on to suggest that there is enough scientific evidence to tailor energy and waveforms that act as therapeutic agents in much the same way that we now modulate chemical structures with drugs.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy”
 (Nobel Prize winning biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgi)

Alternatives to conventional therapies in the management of pain and chronic disease.

Cell MedX products employ energy in nature and are designed to provide an enhanced treatment result to conventional therapies in the management of pain and chronic disease conditions. The high-tech advancements of the 21st century can now provide a new quality of life and lifestyle.

Our products are a breakthrough approach to support a new age of predictive, personalized wellness treatments grounded in each person’s personal profile. The power of direct-to-consumer wellness with the potential to manage diseases/issues we have inherited, and what can be forestalled by specific lifestyle treatments is the 21st century model.

Life is energy. Our body is a lively and healthy organism that can only function if it is provided with sufficient energy in the correct form and dosage. Whether it is for prevention, acute, or chronic conditions, you may be able to find relief and balance with our exceptional products and treatments.