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Initial Prognosis
Pain Management
Intake Date
Apr 06, 2016
Duration of Illness
10 Years
Suffers from pain possibly associated with thyroid issues. Sintroyd for 10 years and Iron for 1 year.
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Applied target therapy to wrists, neck and today shoulders.

During all four treatments performed wellness and target therapy on both wrists and neck. Subject expressed that she was under a lot of stress at her job having to take on extra work while her associate is absent due to poor health.

After last visit – subject had a wellness treatment and felt dizzy and flu like symptoms.

Worked on both wrists again. Seemed to have a bump on her right wrist after her return from vacationing in Brazil.

This subject came in today with pain in both wrists. Used target therapy on the wrists.

When she first arrived her lower left arm was at least a pain level seven and was now a four. From the beginning of the treatment the subject has noticed a very big improvement. For example; her left wrist had given her constant pain and now the numbness had completely been eliminated save for when she touched it or stretched her wrist.

She feels back relief subsequent to each treatment. The positive effect lasts for about a day before the pain resumes. Overall, she feels she is improving. The subject’s pain measurement in her neck and mid-back has decreased from an eight to a four which has been an extremely positive improvement for her.

Today treated left arm and thumb. She expressed that she felt numbness in her left hand.

Today treated trigger points and referred pain which ran down left arm and left shoulder. Feeling tense and not sleeping which, she feels, is due to stress.

The subject remarked that she had been doing well since after her last treatment but had a recurrence of pain due to over activity. She also remarked that the lump on her left elbow was improving.

Today the subject’s wrist to mid-arm was treated along with neck and shoulder. The pain increased a little after the treatment but she expressed that this was a “good pain”. She felt pulsating during the treatment but no numbness. She expressed that she felt really good and that her muscles were more relaxed. She could now move her neck from side to side with ease.

Today trigger points in left right chest were treated. The subject is still feeling stiff neck and tenderness in her wrist. She said that the numbness in her two little fingers had disappeared. Hand pain had now reduced to about a level one and neck rotation was, also, much better. The subject commented that she was now sleeping much better and was experiencing pleasant dreams. She stated that she could not remember the last time she remembered her dreams. Her neck was no longer “cracking” and her left wrist was much better although still sensitive.

The subject reported that the neck and shoulder pain had dropped to a level three. She also felt numbness in the little finger. Subject’s tight chest muscles which caused pressure on the median nerve leading to the little finger were treated today. She stated that she felt really good leaving today.

The pain in neck and shoulders had not changed. She said that she had further aggravated the right wrist by doing palates but that it had felt better after her last treatment.

The subject expressed that today the pain in her neck and shoulders registered about a level eight.

This subject was treated with target therapy focusing on upper arm to wrist. This subject came in with inflammation in the wrist and pain around the ulna accompanied by numbness in the left thumb. After the treatment she felt, generally, looser and better.

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