Subject ID: P150203

Subject Profile

Initial Prognosis
Pain Management
Intake Date
Dec 01, 2015
Duration of Illness
25 Years
West Vancouver, BC
Separated Shoulder 1991, Bulging Disc 5+ years, High Blood Pressure 6 mo
Numbness and tingling in feet, fingers; and sometimes back or leg pain.
Torn Meniscus. Problems with digestion. Joint pain and stiffness
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Toes feel good. Overall he feels much better.

This subject hurt his back but it is now back to normal. Reported that the recovery was much quicker than when he usually hurts his back – recovery of a couple days instead of a couple weeks. The numbness in his big toes has improved, but the smaller toes still feel pain.

Treated lower back L1 & L15. After painting on the weekend, reported a sore back. Performed wellness and pain treatment and felt some relief.

Back of neck felt way looser and relaxed after last treatment.

The subject’s hurt for two days, then pain went away and is now better than before last treatment.

The subject’s lower leg and foot arch emitted minor pain. The subject’s neck and back remained pain free.

The subject mentioned that he still had numbness in his left toe.

Today we addressed the subject’s back, neck, calves and feet issues. After the treatment the subject mentioned that his feet and muscles felt looser. No difference was felt in the feet however, the numbness had lessened.

Today this subject provided a testimonial of his treatments as noted below;
“My impression of the treatments I have received from Cell MedX is nothing but positive. My first visit, at the beginning of December 2015, I had quite a lot of numbness with some tingling on the bottom of my feet and in my toes. I told the clinician that I had been diagnosed with a bulging disc at L4-L5 and I assumed the symptoms were as a result of nerves being pinched in my back. He gave me the general wellness treatment and then went to work on particular spots on my feet and lower legs with the two probes. Even after just that one treatment I noticed a marked improvement in the feeling in my feet. After five or six visits the numbness and tingling were reduced drastically. On a scale of one to ten I went from a nine to a two and am hoping for further improvement.
With my feet feeling much better, I asked for some work on my back. I have suffered with pain and stiffness in my upper back and neck. With three treatments done now, the symptoms are greatly reduced. In particular, the almost constant pain I had in my neck is gone.
I am very pleased and would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from those nagging body pains resulting from sports injuries or simply old age.”

Just treated upper body today.

Overall this patient expressed that his pain has gone from about an 8 or 9 to a 1. However still treating conditions, today’s treatment was for Morton’s Neuroma, tightness in upper back and targeted scapula on both sides.

This treatment was for wellness only since the subject’s pain issues have been primarily resolved. Targeted right shoulder scar tissue and treated mid upper back and neck stiffness. This subject has now reduced his scheduled appointments to once per week verses twice per week.

This subject expressed today that he had increased range of motion by at least ¾” from his right shoulder. Tightness in his left shoulder has decreased by about 50%.

This subject remarked that he was very pleased with his new range of motion. He can now reach his back and left shoulder with his right hand.

This subject remarked that his pain has gone from a scale of 9-10 to 2 since starting treatments on his feet.

This subject has come in for his first treatment since the holidays. He remarked that he expected that the relief he had been experiencing would reverse being so long since having a treatment. However he was very pleased to note that it held well.

This subject has several locations that need target therapy but has asked to focus on the numbness in his feet. He feels that with the treatments he is making headway and feels relief. He continues to book appointments.

This subject was treated with wellness and target therapy for the numbness in his feet. He left feeling very well.

This subject expressed that he did get some relief.

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