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Subject Profile

Initial Prognosis
Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, MS, Diabetes Type 2, 17 years, High Blood Pressure 10 years, MS 2.5
Intake Date
Jun 23, 2016
Duration of Illness
17 Years
Both Shoulders 1992 & 1996. Gaul Bladder Removal March 2006.
Injury to both shoulders, Physical and mental Fatigue, cant loose weight, daytime sleepiness, depression, numbness/tingling, dizziness, loss of balance, gastrointestinal issues, low back pain, joint stiffness, muscle weakness and pain, breathlessness.

Medications at the time of Intake:
Cipralex X 1 daily 10 mg
Amiodipine X 1 daily 5 mg
Quinapril X 1 daily 20 mg
Modafinil X 1 daily as needed 100 mg
Empaglifozin X 1 daily 10 mg
Gilenya X 1 daily 0.5 mg
Metformin X2 daily 1000 mg
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Went to see endocrinologist:
Blood Pressure: 120-70
Fasting glucose: 6.9
A1C: 7.9
Added 10mg Lipitor once daily.

Felt that the treatment made him feel better. Pre-treatment test was 10 and Post-treatment was 9.7.

This subject came for his first treatment. The pre-treatment sugar was 7.4 and post treatment was 6.9. The clinicians worked on his right side and he commented the radiating pain was reduced.

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