The eBalance Solution

In the realm of electrotherapy, there has been one method used repeatedly – a direct current applied to a localized area of the body at manually controlled frequencies. Direct current only allows localized work to be done so only one limb or region receives treatment at one time. Furthermore, higher frequency electric pulses tend to temporarily relieve pain, but without any noticeable long-term healing.

The eBalance device transmits microcurrents (i.e. an electrical current in the millionths of an ampere) through cells in an alternating current. This is proving to be substantially more effective during treatment than discrete (higher frequency) pulses applied through a direct current. Our observations show that microcurrents applied through an alternating current combined with the thousands of pre-programmed algorithms in the software of the eBalance device allows full body penetration to occur and lets each region be simultaneously stimulated at their most desirable intensities. Microcurrents have clinically been proven to promote healing of damaged cells and tissues.

The microcurrents emitted by the eBalance devices run at an extremely low intensity that we believe actually match the currents naturally produced in the majority of cells within the human body. At these very low intensities, damaged human cells become excited by the excess energy running through them and in turn they begin creating energy (ATP) themselves. This burst of activity and influx of usable energy results in polarity returning to the cell and the continuation of the cell’s metabolic functions.

Clinical studies by Cheng et al. (1982) showed an increase in cellular energy (ATP) production of 500% and an increase in amino acid transport by 30-40% when cells were subjected to currents between 100-500 microamps.

History of Microcurrents

Microcurrents have been explored within the scientific community since the 19th century. Uses for the human body have ranged from beauty treatments to healing. In 1969, L.E. Wolcott demonstrated microcurrents applied at the 200-800 microamp range resulted in 200%-350% faster healing rates on a variety of different wounds in his subjects.

In 1991 Dr Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sakmann won the Nobel Prize when they displayed that electrical activity is not limited to nerve and muscle tissue, but is displayed in the majority of cells within the body. This implied that cells could be affected by changes in the bioelectric environment.

Recent research has shown that cells involved with the production of chemical signals linked to blood sugar are ‘electrically excitable’. Blood sugar level fluctuations are the root cause of many of the complications associated with diabetes, thus controlling blood sugar is the primary step in patient care.

Microcurrents can stimulate these cells leading to more balanced blood sugar levels and a reduction in the harmful swings normally experienced in diabetics.


The eBalance device will be offered in two different models: professional (eBalance Pro) and personal (eBalance Personal).

The eBalance Pro is designed to be used by medical professionals to provide both pain management and diabetic wellness services in a clinical setting. This device supports the medical professional’s management of the patient’s health and allows the intensity of the treatment to be adjusted.

The eBalance Personal is intended for patients who wish to continue treatment in the comfort of their own homes. This device will be compact, portable and its automated interface will allow the user to select the desired program with the touch of a button. The objective of this device will be to help the individual control blood glucose levels and increase insulin sensitivity throughout the day, on their own schedule.


As earlier outlined in statistics, the number of people afflicted by diabetes is steadily increasing. According to the American Diabetes Association, the average person with diabetes in the US spends approximately $13,700 a year on medical expenses.

Using the eBalance devices, diabetics have the potential to drastically reduce that number. With regular treatments, patients would be decreasing their amount of insulin they require on a daily basis, greatly decrease or eliminate their intake of pain medication due to diabetic neuropathy and reduce or eliminate the need for blood pressure medication.

eBalance is a tool to allow the patient’s body to begin and maintain a natural healing process without pharmaceutical aid. Not only will patients be saving money, but they will also negate the potentially harmful and addictive side effects of chemical medication.

Observational Studies

The company is presently involved in observational studies and is looking to begin clinical trials in different areas of the globe in the near future. All of the observational results can be found at

The improvements in the conditions of the subjects to date have been nothing short of exceptional. Almost 100% of pain issues in both diabetics and non-diabetics were either completely resolved or are steadily becoming manageable. Pain issues we have dealt with are various and range from chronic pain due to musculoskeletal injuries to pain and numbness due to diabetic neuropathy. There have been immediate and lasting effects on individuals suffering from chronic pain.

Diabetics suffer from numerous complications that arise as a result of the disease.

Sustained high blood glucose levels and large swings in blood glucose levels are the root of many of these complications and thus they were the main areas of focus when designing the eBalance. In our observational trials, the eBalance is helping subjects control glucose levels, increase sensitivity to short-term insulin, and in some cases reduce long-term insulin requirements. As a result we are observing a decrease in pain and swelling in individuals suffering from diabetic neuropathy, increasing mobility of limbs in individuals suffering from diabetic neuropathy, decreasing high blood pressure, healing non-healing wounds, and weight loss.

Moving Forward

We are presently in the process of distributing 25 units to healthcare professionals around the world. Feedback from these units will greatly enhance the criteria for the clinical trials. Our short-term objective is to have 300 more of these devices in the field. We believe that based on results to date there will be an exponential growth in the demand for our eBalance devices.

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