Advisory Board Appointments

Gregory Pek, Advisor

Greg Pek is a Canadian who has lived in Asia for some 22 years. Mr. Pek’s career began in accounting, which led to him becoming an entrepreneur more than 30 years ago. Mr. Pek has been the founder and CEO of various public companies either listed on the U.S. or Canadian markets as well as a Deputy Managing Director of two companies listed in Hong Kong. Along with his extensive experience with early stage development companies, Mr. Pek, has a wide range of experience in distribution, logistics and financial services. Mr. Pek will assist the Company in a number of functions including, but not limited to; input into the structure of the observational clinical studies and developing marketing strategies in Asia, overall business strategy, and financing.

John Sanderson, MD, Advisor

Dr. Sanderson is a stem cell researcher who began his career in clinical medicine specializing in diabetes and intravenous nutrition of critically ill patients. He has received NIH funding, has multiple issued patents and published numerous academic papers as principal investigator. While a medical director and consultant at Johnson & Johnson, Dr. Sanderson was tasked with due diligence oversight for mergers and acquisition, formulating strategic initiatives, and evaluating new technologies.  As a consultant to Fortune 100 health care companies and the U.S. government, Dr. Sanderson worked with some of the greatest minds of the day devising technological solutions to important public health challenges such as obesity, diabetes, and asthma.  In recent years, Dr. Sanderson has focused exclusively on the application of adult stem cells to dermatologic problems and effects of ageing.

Dr. Yousef Shihab, Advisor

Dr. Shihab is a general surgeon with extensive experience in clinical research. During his career he has treated or attended a number of regional Heads of State in the Middle East. Dr. Shihab also served for 18 years (1976-1994) at the Al-Gamhouria Teaching Hospital, Aden, Yemen in a variety of positions and ultimately as Head of the Surgical Department. He was board certified in 1986 (Honors) at the University of Baghdad, Iraq, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree, Medicine & Surgery (Honors) at the University of Aden, Yemen. Since immigrating to North America, Dr. Shihab has been extensively involved in a number of medical device research studies.