About Us

Cell MedX Corp. is an early development stage company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic products for patients with diseases such as diabetes by developing technologies to help manage the illness and related complications.

The future of healthcare is a renewed priority and is dedicated to helping people stay healthy. Emerging practices and technologies are being used to detect and treat medical problems sooner and all with the ultimate goal of achieving better health outcomes. Traditionally, healthcare has evolved around treating illness with chemical (pharmaceuticals). However at Cell MedX, we have expanded the management of difficult chronic illnesses like diabetes to encompass electro-chemical methods of treatment and are achieving exceptional results.

Many universities are still teaching that life is based on a chemical model. Given the explosive growth in electrical technologies and our ever increasing understanding of physics, it is more realistic in the 21st century to view biological processes on an electrochemical basis rather than on a chemical basis alone. What may seem like a subtle shift could have major implications for the healthcare industry. The growing aging population worldwide, the increasing number of people with chronic conditions, expanded regulatory requirements, insufficient healthcare resources, and rising costs are all burdening today’s health system, and creating the impetus for major changes.

Everyone knows they should have a healthy lifestyle, but knowing what to do and which tools to use can be overwhelming.

  • Patients can now manage diets, medications and health goals much easier.
  • In addition, social networking sites enable people to connect with others with the same medical issues to discuss options and available resources.
  • Combining this knowledge with the creation of effective medical devices now puts healthcare in a new medical context that is direct-to-consumer wellness.

At Cell MedX we are at the leading edge in the development of devices that treat chronic and acute conditions for both clinical and self-management care. We are pioneering safe, results oriented technologies combining electro-chemical applications and establishing new levels of treatment, known as cellular medicine.